I believe my early fascination with photography developed when I was a child. I would leaf through the pages of National Geographic at my friend’s house. The vivid pictures of people and scenes from around the world captivated me. It was a number of years later before I got my first serious camera, a Minolta 35mm. My first photography project was documenting a trip around South America with a friend when I was 18 and I was hooked.

Although photography remained my passion, I did not directly take it up as a career and became an accountant. In between accounting qualifications I also studied photography in university.

Though I spent many years working as an accountant, throughout this period I travelled Ireland making pictures. Finally in 2013 I made the decision to see more of the world, so I left my job and travelled to Africa where I spent the best part of a year volunteering.

It was in Africa that I fell in love with people and their surrounding environments. I wanted to capture them and tell their story through photo documentary work. So, for the next five years I travelled the world doing the same. Most of my time was spent wandering Brazil, Greece, Ukraine and Russia.

I eventually returned to Ireland to turn my photography into a career. I began shooting weddings and family functions. I bring my photo documentary experience into these situations, blending in so those around me are relaxed and themselves. This way I hope to capture the raw emotions and moments between family members and friends that can be treasured forever though a picture. I get a great sense of reward printing out the emotive pictures from each session and presenting them to the owners. Printing is another passion. I believe a picture is not finished until it is printed.

When I have the time, I work on my own projects. These are some areas of documentary work that I have chosen to focus on, where I have a strong interest in the subjects. You can see some of them here on my website.


The Halftone Print Fair 2021 - Library Project - Dublin https://2021.halftone.ie/
Hope and Joy - Wexford street Dublin - March 2021
Winner Asia Photo Contest 2021 – Siberia
LOOK@me at the Palazzo Callas, Italy – July/September 2019
Decisive Moments - Sept 2022 - Studio 10 Dublin
The Halftone Print Fair 2022 - Library Project - Dublin
Chaos/Order - June/September 2023 - Municipal Gallery Lexicon - Dublin
Racht - December 2023 - Studio 10 - Dublin 2
Ranelagh Arts Winter Show - December 2023 - Ranelagh Arts Gallery - Dublin 6
Home: Capturing the Essence of Belonging - December 2023 - Here and Now club - Dublin
Conversations with Trees - December 2023 - Walters - Co Dublin
Night Life - November 2023 - Round Rabbit Studios - Dublin
Prism Inside - April 2024 - Ton Gallery - Temple bar - Dublin
RHA - 194th RHA Annual Exhibition - May/August 2024
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